A Remnant


     The stars of God's army are as numerous as the grains of sand in the desert. Yet, many of them are to fall in an event that will announce and foreshadow times of great Tribulation for the Holy, Roman, Catholic Church. Already, a people subsists among the Mystical Vine who securely but steadfastly, guards the tradition and deposit of the faith in their intellectual, moral, and spiritual life. The purpose of this blog is to propose to God's people, the truth and the totality of Catholic teaching whether this concerns the moral or political life, or the scientific and theological life.
     As the Church is assailed on all fronts by her enemies, it is the conviction of this blog that the restoration of Catholic truth and the exposition of the social, political and intellectual errors of modernity and of history, ought to be presented and seen in their true light.
     May the Lord, our Master, Redeemer and Lover, watch over his Bride, the Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church and may his Mother protect her from the snares of the devil, as the Battle between the forces of hell and the forces of Heaven reaches its climactic stage.