The Author

     The central purpose of this web-site is to propose the Catholic Faith in its totality. It is the firm conviction of the author of this web-site that, the traditional Catholic understanding of the world has been lost due to human error and that the restoration of its truth can only result in a Faith that is more lucid and able to sustain the barrage of sin and of error that are being set up against the militant Church on the earth. The Catholic world, needs to purify itself from the mentality and the doctrines of the secular world and become once again a people set apart from the world. As such, this blog is essentially as restorationist as it is radical.
     The author of this web-site however, does not perceive himself as a Catholic traditionalist. Rather, he sees himself as a radical, one who is ready to give of himself and of his life for the truth of his Faith. Raised Roman Catholic, he experienced during his teenage years a time of trial and of separation from the world that changed the orientation of his faith and set him on a path that spiritually enhanced his Catholic life. At the same time, it instilled in him a desire to spread the Catholic faith through the written or the spoken word. Still, the author of this web-site does not claim any expertise on any subject; rather, he is a student of the Faith and his passion for the Catholic life has incited him to believe and understand it better, whether in its theological, political or social elements. Nevertheless, it will be the objective of this blog to offer Catholic content of sound, solid, intellectual quality fit to provide nourishment not only for the heart, but most of all, for the intellect and the spirit. All in all, it is the hope of this web-site that, the audience will find articles that will move their intelligence and lead them to a greater comprehension of the Truth.

God bless you all,